James & Men of the Jackson Wedding Party!

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This site is to provide you with everything you need to know about renting your tuxedos!


What Your Tuxedo Rental Includes:


All tuxedo rentals include your tux coat and pants, fullback vest, black bow tie, cuff links and studs. We have added the fitted microfiber shirt, black Allegro shoes, and the damage waiver in the final price.

What's NOT Included in Your Rental:


You will need to bring your own black SOCKS and belt or suspenders, if desired.

Tuxedo Prices:

The Deposit: Minimum of $30 (required to place order)

Groomsmen and Bride's Escort Tuxedo Rental: $206.67

Ringbearer and Junior Groomsman Rental: $143.07 


Our Official Tux Location

Best Place for Measurements

The ONLY Place For All Pickups and Returns

Philip Michael Fashion for Men

Lynnhaven Mall

701 Lynnhaven Pkwy.

Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Contact: Mr. Jerald Hagans (but any one can assist you there)


Store hours:

    Mon. - Sat., 10am to 9pm

    Sun. 12pm - 6pm

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  1. Text me your home zip code.

  2. I'll text back a list of local, authorized affiliate stores near your home zip code.

  3. Make an appointment at one these stores--tell them you need measurements taken for a Jim's Formalwear Tuxedo (Michael Kors Style 990) for a VA Beach wedding.

  4. Go to 'Philip Michael Fashion for Men', our official tux location, or go to one of locations 

  5. Get professionally measured, using the printed measurement form (or they will provide you with a measurement card also). 

  6. Ways to send your completed measurement card and $30 deposit to James:

How to send James your completed measurement cards:

(1) Send a legible photo of the completed card with your phone to James.

(2) Send the card by mail to: James Jackson JR, 2404 Justice Walk Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23452.

(3) Deliver the card to James in person.

James is paying the $30 deposit for each groomsman's tux

    7. Then, I will take all of your cards and deposits to Philip Michael to get your

        tuxedos ordered. I plan to go to the store around May 1, 2021 or before so

        please try to do this before that date.

    8. During the days just before the wedding, try on tux on Wed., 7-14-2021 or

        Thurs., 7-15-2021 in order to make necessary adjustments or get a

        replacement, if needed. Picking up your tuxedo on Friday is allowed but will

        not give you time to get a replacement, if needed. Pay remaining tuxedo

       balance. Pick up completed tux by or before Fri. 7-16-2021. 

    9.Turn tux back in on Monday, 7-19-2021 to avoid late fees.




Crucial Wedding Info for You

Wedding Rehearsal:                     Friday, July 16, 2021, arrival time: 5:00 PM

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner:        Friday, July 16, 2021 following Rehearsal

Wedding Date:                              Saturday, July 17, 2021, 4:00 PM

Post-Wedding Brunch:                 Sunday, July 18, 2021, Time TBD

Wedding Website:                        bethanyandjamesjr.com

Facebook Wedding Event Page: James & Bethany Wedding